Who we are

Rockwell (33): Founder & Owner & Product Designer of UFO. Rocky is also a Medical Engineer. 

Danielle (29): Makes & sends out orders. Does all the marketing for UFO. Dani is also a Registered Dental Hygienist. 

Hayden (1): Mess maker & distractor professional. Dani & Rocky’s Son. ❤️

Yara (6): Best pup on the planet! 

How it started

In 2010, a young Rockwell and his college friends were hanging out in a dormitory in London when they had received their first orbit in the mail. Within five minutes of playing with the orbit, it spun so quickly that it intensely exploded. In that moment is when Rocky knew he wanted to design an orbit that him and his friends could safely enjoy. He originally was sticking to traditional ways of creating orbits such as zip-ties or duct tape and credit cards.

It was not until 2015 that an opportunity arose where he had access to a 3D printer. This is where his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering came in handy; his extensive experience with the design software, CAD, allowed him to take his designs to the next level. He initially intended on making these flow objects for himself, but receiving such positive feedback from the community after gifting five of his orbits to the Face Melt Crew at Tomorrow World and posting one picture on the internet of his first design, he decided to create his company: Ultimate F*cking Orbits. In 2017 Danielle became the second team member of UFOrbits. Then, after years of perfecting many different orbit designs, the UFOrbits team decided to take on other flow objects and thus, Ultimate Flow Objects was born.

Our Mission

We aim to provide the highest quality flow objects for all flow artists. We encourage the community to provide feedback with any issues or inquires with a product so that we can learn from our mistakes and fix them to eliminate the problem from occurring in the future.